Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Episode 3... The rushed one

Sorry this week was so quick, was racing against the clock of a napping daughter
Show Notes

Whats on the Needles
Gryphon's socks
School Colors Felted Lap Top Sleeve
Swirl Shawl

Whats On the Wheel
Tussah/Merino blend

Finished Objects
Odessa Hat

What Coming Up
Rainbow Roving with Firestar


  1. I'm feeling so anxious for you on your race with the clock and nap time. LOL
    Your Odessa hat looks beautiful!

  2. The roving is called Pencil roving. ;)
    I have on added firestart to roving when I was making my own roving.
    I have the same pattern and the same yarn for it..but I have never started it. *snort*

  3. Is it wrong that the image capture and just how it's held made me think of nipple pasties? *lol*

    If you have a hairdressing class or school in your area you might try going there for a "head", at least that is where I got mine but it was bac in the day and I had taken the classes in High School.