Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Episode 2.... The one where I am irritated with the Hubby

The usual content plus the bonus of my husband coughing in the back ground (how dare he!) and me giving a VERY dirty look


  1. YAY for finishing the Clapotis!
    I want one of the Black and blue pillow! There are very cute.
    OMGOMGOMG You are drinking from the cup I got you! I is happy!
    That roving is very pretty.I cant wait to see it all done.
    You need to finish that yoyo blanket before you start another blanket. lol
    Yes sale the stitch markers. :)
    :O You mentioned me! *melt* You get 3 or 4 cups of tea with it. (or thats how I took it) No I did make the sampler.Its a premade set with there custom belnds. Your welcome.
    Thank you for the Video Podcast shout out.
    Another great show! I do hope you keep it up.

  2. Let let correct something....I did NOT* make the sampler. ;)

  3. Your clapotis turned out great! That color is just gorgous.
    I think the stitch markers are really cute. I would buy a set.
    Yay for enjoying our tea swap!

  4. Great episode... I'm glad you showed some of your stuff again now that you've got better lighting! Your clapotis turned out gorgeous, I really like it in a solid color. I want to knit a 2nd one, maybe I'll do it in a solid instead of the 2nd half of the yarn I used on the first, hmmm... and I love those pillows in the Glam knits book!!!! Also- I like the little quilt kit you got, was that from JoAnns or somewhere similar?

  5. I think so, it was either JoAnns or Hobby Lobby. Thanks I am glad you liked it!

  6. Your Clapotis is really nice. I like that it's really long.
    I go almost nowhere with out my laptop and I've been shopping for a sleeve or case for it but I can't find any I like. I will have to check out that pattern.

  7. I enjoy your videocast. Keep it up. I'm very envious of the quilt kit, the polka dots make me want to hunt down my own.

  8. The lighting was perfect this time! I really like the color of your Clapotis, and hooray for a finished object of niftiness!

    I agree that Vogue Knitting is rather hit or miss with their pattern selections. Too bad the Autumn issue is so far away, because those are usually good.

  9. May be i found this blog very late. But i belong to those people who watch that episode and enjoyed. sakina