Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Episode 1... where I say "fun" a lot

New video cast about knitting spinning and whatever else pops into my head

On the Needles
-Clapotis which is done in knit picks pallet in the Garnet Heather colorway
-Apple Core Blanket done in all kinds of scraps
-Gryphon Socks made from Black Sheep Dyeworks (not black Sheep farms lol) in Nutmeg and the bag I had it in is a Piddleloop bag in the large triangle (I love her bag they are fantastic)

Off the Needles
Cherry Surprise Shawl made from Kauni in the rainbow colorway

Finished a bunch of yarn but I kinda suck and have no idea what any of it is.
Also joined The Knit Girllls spin along out of Tempted fiber.

Goals for next week show
-Finish Clapotis
-Do not say FUN 100 million times ;-)
-get better lighting

Hope ya liked it... see you next week


  1. Good job. I am looking forward to your better lighting and seeing that beautiful fiber you are spinning. Keep it up.

  2. My Plurk buds linked me to your vlog/blog podcasty goodness. :) Great job! I much prefer doing a video over typing out a blog myself.
    That apple core blanket looks really cool! I look forward to watching your progress on it. :)

  3. Yay! I'm definitely looking forward to your next episode with better lighting, it's so hard to see all the gorgeous stuff you're showing off in this one. Keep up the good work! :-)

  4. I really like your video cast. Yes, it was a little dark, but I think you are well on your way!

    One request, can you draw up a diagram of that lap cloth you made for spinning? I'd like to see how it's set up better so I can try to make one for myself. :)

    Oh! And I don't recall you saying which wheel you got! Inquiring minds wish to know!

  5. Thanks so much for watching! Elusive Thread, I would be happy to draw something up and put it on the blog I will try and have that up on Monday. Also I got the ladybug spinning wheel made the Schacht and I lurves her!!!